Saturday, November 23, 2013

If you're so smart...

UCLA admits nearly three times more academically underqualified student athletes each year than UC Berkeley, yet its football and men's basketball players have done a far better job earning degrees than Cal's have.
Stanford and Michigan, don't allow underqualified students in, no matter their athletic prowess, so they graduate at higher rates too. That mystery is why their teams succeed so often.
Cal ranks last in graduation rates for those two sports among the nation's 72 major intercollegiate athletics programs, according to the NCAA.
.... UCLA's graduation rates are better: 82 percent in football, compared with Cal's 44 percent. Stanford graduates 93 percent of its football players. Michigan graduates 66 percent.
In men's basketball, the percentages were 60 percent at UCLA, 75 percent at Michigan, 83 percent at Stanford and 38 percent at Cal. 
What's Berkeley's excuse? They haven't got a clue;
On Thursday, athletic director Sandy Barbour announced that she is convening a task force to look at why so few football and men's basketball players are succeeding academically.
"While our broad academic scores reflect the outstanding work of many of our student athletes, some sports have performed at a level that is inconsistent with Berkeley's standards and values," Barbour said.
Maybe that they need a 'task force', is a place to start.

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