Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lab experiment endangered

In SeaTac, Washington, it's clinging to a 43 vote lead;
An initiative to create a $15 minimum wage for many SeaTac workers is close to losing its vote lead.
Updated vote totals released Friday night showed that the measure held just a 43-vote lead. The gap has narrowed since election night, when a 261-vote advantage led proponents of the measure to claim victory.
....The proposal requires a $15 minimum wage for many workers in and around Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Proponents say the plan will support the local economy, while opponents express concern about the impacts on businesses.
Too bad, for students of economics, if it eventually loses, since SeaTac is a tiny island surrounded by competitors with their own hotels and fast food joints. Pity...if you're a grad student looking for a thesis.

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