Friday, November 1, 2013

Put the blame on Domn, Boys

“Did you have an affair with Captain Schettino?” asked one of the lawyers acting on behalf of those bringing civil actions at the Concordia trial. It took Domnica Cermortan ten minutes to answer. At first, she was reluctant to reply but the magistrate explained that she could not refuse. The question was rephrased: “Was there a love affair?” But still she made no reply. In the end, Ms Cermortan admitted: “Yes, I did have an affair. But we haven’t seen each other since the shipwreck”. Across the courtroom, Captain Schettino shook his head and fidgeted.
NO TICKET NEEDED - Ms Cermortan’s account so far had been made up of little details, from the sweet course she had at dinner with the captain until the moment of impact. But this question enraged the Moldovan dancer. Her tone became aggressive. She boarded the Costa Concordia at Civitavecchia on 13 January 2012 without a ticket and without knowing whether she was booked in: “When you’re someone’s lover, they don’t ask you for your ticket”, she commented in Moldovan.
They're not making shipboard romances like they used to.

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