Friday, November 15, 2013

Jerry Lewis to come out of retirement?

Cinéma vérité meets la politique;
Europe's film industry was given a boost on Thursday (14 November) after the European Commission published new rules making it easier for governments to subsidise movie-making.
The move, which comes just months after the French government threatened to veto the bloc's trade talks with the United States until the sector was exempted from the negotiations, was quickly welcomed in Paris.
So, the French had words for it.
Competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia said the rules were "essential to help preserve cultural diversity" and would "take into account the European dimension of the audio-visual sector."
After all, what's really important.
Under the new rules, governments will be allowed to cover 50 percent of the costs of a film from production and script-writing to distribution and promotional costs. Governments will also be able to require that between 50 to 80 percent of subsidised films' budgets must be spent within the country.
 Can't forget the losers;
Meanwhile, authorities will have a free-hand on how much aid can be awarded to so-called 'difficult' works such as documentaries and non-commercially viable films.
Governments should be allowed to spend freely on things no one will buy, of course.

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