Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Get in line, Jessica

Barack Obama's poster girl, has 'a good cry'; 'You guys really screwed me over.';
Washington state resident Jessica Sanford was bursting with pride when President Obama mentioned her story during a Rose Garden event on health care reform last month at the White House.
"Who wouldn't?" Sanford asks. "I'm a nobody really to have him mention my story."
....The president said Sanford's story was proof, despite the technical problems with the healthcare.gov website, that the Affordable Care Act was working.
"That's what the Affordable Care Act is all about. The point is, the essence of the law - the health insurance that's available to people - is working just fine," Obama said.
However, it turned out that you're nobody, til The Somebody uses you...then you become a nobody again;
"Your household has been determined eligible for a Federal Tax Credit of $0.00 to help cover the cost of your monthly health insurance premium payments," the latest letter said.
"I had a good cry," Sanford said about her reaction to the latest news from the state.
As a self-employed court reporter, the new quote was simply out of her range.
"This is it. I'm not getting insurance," Sanford told CNN. "That's where it stands right now unless they fix it."
Which would take an act of congress. Which is why Jessica is going to now pay a fine of $95 for the privilege of not having health insurance at all--which used to cost her nothing.

Thanks, guys.

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