Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pulling Guard

From the blind side, John Moffitt pulls a Chomsky on the Denver Broncos;
The third-year guard from Wisconsin called the Broncos from his home in Seattle this week to notify them he wouldn't be returning to the team following its bye.
Then he announced on Twitter that he was calling it a career, saying, "Football was fun but my head hurts-haha kidding roger goodell. I'm on to new things, thanks to everyone along the way!!!"
....Moffitt, who signed a four-year contract for nearly $3 million after Seattle made him the 75th overall draft pick in 2011, said he knows teammates and fans don't understand how he could forgo the fame and fortune of pro football.
Peyton Manning might be happy to hold the door for him on his way out, but at least he wasn't bullying his buddies.
Moffitt majored in sociology at Wisconsin and said his world view was really shaped over the last couple of years when he began studying the writings of the Dalai Lama and Noam Chomsky.

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