Friday, November 22, 2013

Fascinante ritmo

Medieval law comes to Venezuela, according to an opinion piece in El Universal;

Designation of the crime of usury in Venezuelan laws is unrestricted, that is, for free interpretation. This results in a great deal of discretion and legal uncertainty, just what the criminal law should avoid.
The just price is; to be determined;
Article 144 of the Law for the Defense of People's Access to Goods and Services (LDPABIS) states that "any person who, through an agreement, whatever the means used to certify, cover or diminish an operation, obtains on his/her own or on behalf of a third party, directly or indirectly, a disproportionately advantageous consideration shall commit the crime of usury." 
The last time this was tried;
Open definition of crime is as harmful as the definition of crimes by analogy under the Soviet Criminal Code. Under such code, any non-designated conduct similar to a current offense should be punished as such an offense. Millions of victims suffered the consequences.
The only question now, is how many Venezuelans are prepared to sacrifice themselves for Chavezmo-Maduroism.

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