Sunday, November 17, 2013

Soft pedal

In Girona, Spain, the Great Piano Caper seems to have ended with a whimper, not a crescendo;
The prosecutor reduced her petition from seven and a half years to 20 months for the woman who bothered her neighbour by playing the piano when she was learning the instrument.
Which, apparently, in Spanish law means zero time in prison (don't ask us why).

Lala M, was being judged for having bothered her neighbour by playing the piano allegedly up to eight hours a day and five days a week between 2003 and 2007 and above the allowed level of decibels.
The prosecutor, Emma Ruiz, asked for a 16 month sentence for a crime against the environment, from acoustic contamination, and four more months for the mental injuries caused in the victim.
....The prosecutor had also asked for the same sentence for the parents for being ‘necessary collaborators’.
No explanation as to why this took over six years to adjudicate. In the meantime the child grew to adulthood and became a professional musician.

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