Friday, November 29, 2013

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

The highly paid watchdogs of the NCAA have problems sleeping at night, because someone, somewhere, somehow might make money without their participation;
A college basketball player who won $20,000 for hitting a half-court shot at an Oklahoma City Thunder game may have to either forfeit the money or his eligibility to play college sports.
Cameron Rodriguez, a 23-year-old sophomore forward for Winfield, Kan.-based Southwestern College, sank the promotional shot on Nov. 8 during the Thunder's home game against the Denver Nuggets.
Southwestern athletic director Dave Denly says the college's governing body for athletics, theNational Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, informed Rodriguez that if he kept the money he would lose his amateur status. The school has appealed, asking if the money can be accepted in the form of a scholarship.
Dave Denly undoubtedly receives a paycheck from money produced by collegiate athletes. As do all the other adults who work in the field (gyms, pools...). Ditto the NCAA staff and its team of lawyers and PR flacks, many of them paid to ferret out the filthy lucre that might find its way into the wallets of the kids who labor to produce the value.

Where's a Marxist when you need one?

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