Friday, November 1, 2013

...but words can never hurt me

Unless you're trying to do the Federal government a favor;
In the frenzied final hours before J.P. Morgan Chase ... & Co. acquired the banking operations of failed thrift Washington Mutual Inc., ...the bank's lawyers tangled with regulators over the wording of the 39-page purchase agreement.
Five years later, J.P. Morgan and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. are still fighting over the meaning of those words.
Especially  the words;
The FDIC receivership "agrees to indemnify and hold harmless" J.P. Morgan for any liabilities of Washington Mutual that "are not assumed" by J.P. Morgan. 
That was then (2008), this is now, with a new sheriff in town. If you thought you liked your takeover agreement and that it included protections that couldn't be taken away...period; you hadn't met the Obama Administration.

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