Thursday, November 7, 2013

All the romance has gone out of it

Now that politics has invaded, sperm donors in France  have become shy of contributing. From 400 men in 2009 down to only 233 in 2011, with worse news expected;
Louis Bujan, head of a donor clinic in Toulouse, expects to see a further reduction when figures are released for 2012, following the recent debate over gay marriage and adoption in France.
Which cooled the ardor of some Frenchmen who objected to their being used that way.

That, and the cloak of anonymity might be going away, since a controversial new law in 2011 almost lifted it. 
...among those campaigning to have anonymity lifted, were people who voiced distress about not knowing their biological origins.
"People born through artificial insemination protested on the streets, declaring that they had suffered as consequence of donor anonymity," said Dominique Royer, head of the Medically Assisted Procreation department at the National Agency for Biomedicine.
The danger of being sued years later might give one pause.

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