Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ex post facto veto

The Founding Fathers roll over in their graves, as Barack Obama tries to expunge a law he's already signed;
President Obama has changed course in mid-disaster, with White House insiders saying he will announce a new policy allowing health insurance companies to keep selling the policies they have canceled by the millions as a consequence of the Affordable Care Act.
....The president’s proposal would also require insurers to tell consumers how their policies fall short of compliance with the Affordable Care Act's minimum standards.
Obama has come under increased pressure to fix what Republicans have called a disastrous outcome of the Obamacare system – a raft of new minimum medical insurance requirements that most individual policies don't meet.
The POTUS has just attempted to give insurance companies the power to ignore the law. Why he thinks he has such power is a mystery, but we'll bet no major news outlet will notice the violence this does to constitutional government. After all, they didn't notice the violence Chief Justice John Roberts did with his let's pretend the mandate is a tax opinion, in the first place.

Another mystery is why any insurance company would be so foolish to go along with this.

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