Monday, January 19, 2015

Sí, podemos

Where do Spanish socialists go to find a sympathetic ear? Surely you guessed;
Spanish Socialist Party leader Pedro Sánchez on Thursday explained his “proposals for radical democracy” [in Washington, D.C.] to former and current US government officials.
Which included;
Sánchez and two economic aides met with leaders of the Center for American Progress (PAC), a think tank with ties to the Democrats.
 And bigger fish to finesse;
Sánchez met US President Barack Obama’s chief economic advisor, Jason Furman, and International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde.
A good time was had by all;
“The only party that can guarantee a change in Spain is the Socialist Party,” he ended.
Sánchez said he was coming away from the trip with “a very good feeling.”
¡Olé! But, it's a two way street;
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed at the weekend that he will lead one of the first US trade missions to Cuba since Barack Obama relaxed travel and trade restrictions on the island.
The Democratic governor will be promoting an initiative that seeks to attract foreign investment to New York state, said spokeswoman Melissa DeRosa.
Great idea, Andrew, !la capitale de Cuba libreEveryone knows there's such an excess of it in Cuba. But Cuomo has been beaten to it;
Mr Cuomo’s announcement coincided with Vermont Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy setting off on the first congressional mission to Cuba since Mr Obama’s December 17 announcement that Washington would start normalising ties with the socialist island.
Mr Leahy is heading a group of four Democratic senators and two Democratic representatives, all of whom have visited Cuba in the past and who strongly support the new policy.
Which is the old policy that Dwight Eisenhower thought would work in 1959.

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