Thursday, January 15, 2015

Booth-babe boom

Perhaps this should be added to the Lagging Economic Indicators;
The auto-show model has made a roaring comeback.
After several lean years, some car companies have doubled their use of so-called product specialists, These aspiring fashion models or actors earn as much as $1,000 a day for staffing the companies’ displays and answering questions about their vehicles while looking better than almost anyone else around. For a single show, their services can cost an auto maker hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Not just pretty faces, they also stand and gather intelligence;
“What are consumers saying?” said Ms. [Hedy] Popson [a model agent], referring to one of the many questions car makers ask her company, Productions Plus. “Are they interested in the economy anymore? Do they want brighter colors? What do they think of the aesthetics, the style, the design?”
“The minute the consumer leaves, the product specialist is downloading all that [information], either on an iPad, an iPhone, by text, because that is their job,” said Ms. Popson, who oversees 300 or more models at a big show like the North American International Auto Show, which kicked off here this week.
That'll disappoint many a guy.

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