Saturday, January 3, 2015

Nosotros no podemos oír, Barack.

Cuba's Coast Guard thinks the old ways are still the best;
Cuba’s Coast Guard are facing accusations of ramming and sinking a boat that was transporting 32 Cubans, as they sought to flee to Florida on Tuesday, December 16. A woman whose husband, Diosbel Díaz Bioto, remains missing after falling into the sea has spoken out about the incident.
The woman, Masiel González Castellano, reported;
“We were shouting out for help because the boat was flooding. But they didn’t care. They carried on ramming our boat. Some people dived into the water, while the rest of us stayed on board the boat while it sank.”
“They knew there were children on board, but they carried on hitting us. They didn’t care,” González added.
Nor will Barack Obama, we predict.

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