Monday, January 19, 2015

Mission accomplie

It was a hero's welcome for the former bus driver, just ask the Comrades at Morning Star (The People's Daily);
Supporters of Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution thronged the streets of Caracas at the weekend to welcome back President Nicolas Maduro after a successful two-week international tour.
Crowds danced to live salsa bands, waving brightly coloured balloons and cheering as Mr Maduro arrived at the presidential palace, driving himself at the head of the motorcade.
Central Caracas was lined with banners featuring pictures of the president shaking hands with world leaders above the tagline “Successful tour.”
The people having no lines to stand in, since there's nothing to buy in Venezuela's retail sector, why not party.
On arriving at the presidential palace, Mr Maduro delivered a short speech attacking US sanctions and applauding the steps his government had taken in his absence, including arresting some young protesters who set up street barricades.
He denounced the “parasitic” private sector and blamed enemies of the government for intentionally blocking essential supplies.
 Which Venezuela can't pay for since it has little oil revenue these days.

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