Thursday, January 8, 2015

Nobody messes with Joe, Nick

Advice that a close, personal amigo of the Castro brothers--aka El Presidente Maduro--seems to be ignoring in these days of la relajación;
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Sunday he would only seek the release of jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez if the United States agreed to release a Puerto Rican nationalist currently held in a U.S. prison.
.... "The only way I would use (presidential) powers would be to put (Leopoldo Lopez) on a plane, so he can go to the United States and stay there, and they would give me Oscar Lopez Rivera - man for man," Maduro said during a televised broadcast.
That's what Maduro claims he told Joe Biden when the VP met him in Brazil last week. Lopez Rivera is currently serving a prison term for having been caught making bombs in an apartment in Evanston, Illinois, in the service of transforming his native Puerto Rico into a Marxist state like Cuba. Which explains why Maduro is partial to him; that's what he's doing to Venezuela.

It's almost as laughable as when Bill Clinton offered Lopez Rivera his freedom in 1999, if he'd renounce his terrorist ways. He refused the offer. He's a true believer, like Nick.

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