Saturday, January 3, 2015

Do BeeRaider, do BeeRaider, do stop us if ...

This sounds familiar (though more modest than previous innovators), Double your typing speed!
BeeRaider’s innovative Optimised Radial Keyboard design is primarily aimed at untrained computer keyboard users, which would be the vast majority of keyboard users today. Its design offers these users the means by which they can greatly improve their typing speed and efficiency over a relatively short period of time, leading to increased work productivity.
As we say, at least they're modest;
To date BeeRaider has carried out limited testing by comparing the company’s Optimised Radial Keyboard App against the Android default QWERTY keyboard and the results have been in line with expectations.
We wonder, whose expectations?
Further independent testing is set to continue when the first physical keyboards become available. These will allow the company to conduct more in-depth testing and validation of the design before the final results are published. BeeRaider is confident that the hopes it has invested in its Optimised Radial Keyboard design will be fully vindicated.
Many have called, but ....

The company says that in designing the new keyboard, the aim was to create a design that would be both logical, ergonomic and compact for the purpose of efficient data entry.
Which, from their website, they claim that the keyboard that has worked for multiple millions for more than a century isn't.
The advent of a new era in portable computing devices has further exposed the inherent weaknesses of the QWERTY design and we believe that the time is now right for an alternative solution in the form of our new logical, ergonomic and efficient Radial keyboard design, which is aimed at providing the first real alternative to the inefficient QWERTY design.
Best of luck, investors.

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