Friday, January 30, 2015

Deflate footballs, not payrolls!

It's Super Bowl week-end, so naturally thoughts turn to money at the WSJ;
...regardless of who ends up hoisting the Lombardi Trophy this weekend, both squads have already overcome their fiercest opponent of all: the NFL’s salary cap, a tool that makes it difficult for any one franchise to sustain excellence.
“That’s what the system is designed to do. That’s the very heart of it,” says former NFL executive Bill Polian, who most recently served as president of the Indianapolis Colts from 1997 through 2011. “That’s why the system works so well, because it does handicap good teams.”
The NFL is opposed to excellence! They reward the losers. Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be linebackers...instead, try baseball or basketball;
In Major League Baseball, which has no salary cap, three teams—the San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals—have combined to win seven of the nine most recent World Series. (MLB does have a luxury tax that penalizes teams for spending more than a certain amount on payroll.)
In the National Basketball Association, which has a less restrictive salary cap than the NFL, the San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat have won 13 of the last 16 titles.
Which hasn't stopped either the Atlanta Hawks or Golden State Warriors from ascending to the top of the NBA's two conferences.

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