Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mister, we could use a man like Joe McCarthy again

Or, at least Venezuela could since they're so heavily infiltrated by Cuban Communists. Not that everyone isn't aware of it (outside of Barack Obama), least of all General Ángel Vivas, to judge by this Panama Post article;
In 2008, Vivas was arrested and charged with insubordination for petitioning the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) over its denial of a petition he had filed. Vivas had taken issue with the armed forces’ new motto, “Homeland, Socialism, or Death,” a creation of former Cuban President Fidel Castro. [bold by HSIB]
.... In December, Vivas announced the creation of the national Anti-Castro-Communist Venezuelan Resistance, an organization with the objective of combating Cuba’s influence over Caracas.
As the General explained, for almost ten years after Castro took over Cuba in 1959, he waged a guerrilla war against oil-rich Venezuela, using both Cuban and Venezuelan-trained-in-Cuba soldiers. Fortunately for Venezuelans, at that time they had political leadership who fought back against Castro, and won. They managed to expel the Communists.

Therein lies a tale that ought to caution any American President;
In November 1963, the Betancourt government presented proof about Cuban operations in Venezuela to the Organization of American States (OAS). Soldiers captured significant numbers of armed foreigners on Venezuela’s northern coast. Following an OAS investigation, in July 1964 it declared Cuba “guilty of aggression and intervention in Venezuelan affairs.” Cuba was expelled from the multilateral organization and member-states, with the exception of Mexico, broke diplomatic and commercial relations with the island.
Which worked. As long as it was in force. But today, under the Cuban trained Nicolás Maduro, Cubans by the tens of thousands are not only welcome in Venezuela by the political powers, they run things. General Vivas says that his country is 'under foreign occupation', and he is calling for open resistance, because;
Joining together is the only way we’ll be able to expel the Cuban invaders from our territory and begin to restore the republic once more

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