Thursday, January 8, 2015

In praise of cheapskates

The comrades at Morning Star: The People's Daily, are opposed to the poor having opportunities (per usual);
TUC [Trade Unions Congress] research revealed that employers were scheming to get around paying workers statutory rates through scams including under-recording hours, bogus self-employment and misusing interns.
Horror stories also included workers being charged for uniforms and having to pay for travel between work sites.
Other workers were clocked off at less busy times during the day.
Employers have been known to vanish to avoid minimum wage fines only to reappear under another name.
The Enforcing the National Minimum Wage — Keeping up the Pressure report calls for beefed-up fines and for the worst offenders to be prosecuted.
Unskilled workers are better off with no jobs at all! The employers in question are, no doubt, marginal businesses struggling to survive. The TUC, and its friends, are not entitled to their moral dudgeon, unless they have a plan to employ those who'll lose their employment when the minimum wage enforcers put the marginal businesses out of business.

Just ask Paul.

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