Friday, January 23, 2015


The state of the state of Venezuela, in the hands of God, says the Commie in Chief. So, don't blame him;
“Oil will never cost $100 again but God will provide. Venezuela will never do without.”
Did God provide toilet paper, tortillas or milk?
The president turned his annual report into an electoral campaign pitch. During his almost three-hour speech, he attacked his adversaries and claimed to be the victim of a plot that seeks to topple his government and take advantage of dejected chavista voters during this election year. 
 Funny how Communist governments never manage to avoid plotters. So, roll out the usual suspects [our bold];
Starting February 1, the government will increase the minimum wage and pensions by 15 percent. It also plans to more than double the meager scholarships university students receive, from 200 to 500 bolivars each month, or about three dollars at black market exchange rates. Maduro has also promised to build 400,000 public housing units. The measures fall under the government’s social investment program, which it uses to show its great commitment to the vast majority of Venezuelans who are grappling with a 63-percent inflation rate, the highest in the world.
Which descended on Venezuela like a plague from you know who?

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