Monday, June 23, 2014

We'll turn Manhattan into an isle of joy

Summer journeys
To Niag'ra
And to other places
Aggravate all our cares.
We'll save our fares.
I've a cozy little flat
In what is known as old Manhattan.
We'll settle down
Right here in town.
If you can't afford the Hamptons, maybe soon there'll be a barge floating near you;
The project is expected to cost about $24 million and is the brainchild of New York creative entrepreneur Blayne Ross, who describes his vision as a park, community project and social space.
It would not include a swimming pool, but would simply bring a seaside atmosphere to the city.
Concept drawings show the barge floating on the riverfront with the New York City skyline rising above it, while dozens of beach goers relax on a massive mound of imported sand.
 But even in a socialist mayor's paradise, you need to raise the capital;
The project is currently at the crowdfunding stage, with the donations needed for the project's next stage matched to various rewards according to their size.
Donors can purchase a simple 'shout-out' on the project's website if they contribute $25, while the more generous can buy a private cocktail reception with Mr Ross and his team, opening night tickets, and full summer access for $5,000.
Otherwise, it's Mott Street in July.

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