Monday, June 16, 2014

The Bachelor's and the Barista

It's a SCAP (Starbuck's College Achievement Plan) for Arizona State University;
The Starbucks College Achievement Plan will fully reimburse employees enrolled as college juniors and seniors in one of more than 40 of ASU’s online degree programs. Starbucks will pay partial tuition and provide need-based scholarships if students are enrolled as freshmen or sophomores.
[CEO Howard] Schultz will officially kick off the program Monday in New York City alongside ASU President Michael Crow, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and 350 New York-area Starbucks employees at a forum on college access and how business can play a role in addressing college affordability.
“Those who’ve been clamoring for bold, new initiatives to reduce the barriers to quality higher education in America should applaud this announcement,” Crow said. “As others follow Starbucks’s example, we will hear those barriers come crashing down, to the lasting benefit of all Americans.”
Interesting that Schultz didn't kick this off in Seattle, where that city--home to Starbucks--has a new minimum wage law requiring baristas be paid $15 per hour, over and above any benefits. Benefits like SCAP.

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