Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Just following orders

So, the government sues you because your standards for lending were so high that no minorities needed apply. That your problem, bunky?
The city of Miami has sued JPMorgan Chase & Co, accusing the bank of predatory mortgage lending in minority neighborhoods that allegedly caused a wave of foreclosures during the last decade's housing crisis.
The lawsuit, filed on Friday in federal court in Florida, said the country's largest bank engaged in a continuous practice of discriminatory mortgage lending since at least 2004, violating the U.S. Fair Housing Act.
When they were NOT making those loans they were threatened with regulatory actions for their redlining. So they made the loans the politicians wanted, and;
After issuing high-cost loans to minorities in the years before the housing crisis, JPMorgan later refused to refinance the loans on the same terms as it extended to whites, leading to defaults and foreclosures, the complaint said.
Miami is just playing follow the leader; Los Angeles had earlier sued on the same grounds.
Wells Fargo & CoCitigroup Inc and Bank of America Corp also face lawsuits by Los Angeles and Miami for allegedly giving minorities home loans they could not afford, resulting in massive defaults.
Which defaults would never have happened if the banks had been left to make their own decisions about to whom to lend...as they did prior to the 1990s.

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