Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Or think of it as Econ 101

SF Gate's Kristen V. Brown  might need remedial economics training before she writes again;
[Silicon Valley start-up] ThoughtSpot is offering a $20,000 bounty to any employee or "friend of the company" who tips the startup off to a new hire.
That's right. You don't even have to work there to cash in on the bonus benefit - you just have to know someone who does.
Think of it a black market for recruiting.
Which the very next line in the story contradicts;
"We want the best of the best," said CEO Ajeet Singh. "We thought $20,000 was an interesting enough number that a lot of people might actually refer people to us."
Because supply curves are upward sloping. Just a matter of how steep. Which is what capital faces in the 21st it did in all the centuries preceeding.

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  1. The $20,000 paid for a successful referral is dirty capital. The $120,000 /yr paid to the successful applicant is blessed wages.

    The Left is at least consistent. Both must be highly taxed, because equality.