Friday, June 20, 2014

The Obama Doctrine: Get out while the getting's good

The United Nations refugee commission (UNHCR) assesses the five (and counting years) of Barack Obama's foreign policy;
Not since World War II have there been so many refugees around the globe as there are now. 
A post WWII record!  Sorta like the the anemic recovery from the 2008-09 recession being the slowest on record.
The figures in the UNHCR "Global Trends" report paint a desperate picture. Published to coincide with World Refugee Day, the document reveals that more than 51 million people worldwide had been forced from their homes as a result of conflict, persecution, violence or human rights violations since the end of 2013. 
That's less than six months.
"We are not facing an increasing trend, we are really facing a quantum leap, an enormous increase of forced displacement in our world," Antonio Guterres, High Commissioner for Refugees, said on publication of the report Friday.... 
"This acceleration comes from the fact that we live in a world where conflicts are multiplying in an unpredictable way and at the same time old conflicts seem never to die,” Guterres told reporters, adding that the international community is limited in its capacity to prevent and solve conflict in a timely fashion. 
Now that it's being led by President Barack Obama, he forgot to add.

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