Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Seattle, we have Lyft off!

The Mayor blinks (will the city council?) and ride sharers rejoice;
Uber and Lyft have apparently won their campaign to lift the limit of 150 drivers apiece that the Seattle City Council enacted in an ordinance earlier this year.
Under an accord worked out by Mayor Ed Murray announced Monday, Seattle will scrub the 150-driver limit that the City Council enacted on the transportation network companies but will also issue 200 new taxi licenses over the next four years.
“There will be no cap on the number of for-hire drivers: We have deregulated a highly regulated monopoly,” Murray said.  The result is, he said, “a framework to provide all players the ability to compete fairly.”
The agreement, if approved by the City Council, would repeal the ordinance that limited Uber and Lyft to 150 drivers apiece. The transportation network companies had collected enough signatures to force a vote this November, which they likely would have won.
When you're being ridden out of town on a rail, try to make it look like you're leading a parade. 

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