Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Found: the Obamacare website designers!

Alive and not so well, and working in Spain(?);
Technical glitches put a damper on the inauguration of Madrid’s public rental bike service on Monday.
The BiciMad network has 1,560 electric bicycles scattered across 123 docking stations within the city center. Yet the only bikes that actually circulated through the streets of the capital were the 70 units that the city lent reporters, cycling associations and experts for the day.
Give them a break, they've only had five years to work on it.
The plan to bring public rental bikes to Madrid had been announced by former mayor (and current justice minister) Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón in 2009, but delays kept pushing it back. While the city has joined the game late, it is still aiming for a record: to be the first European capital with a system based on electric bikes.
Public rental bikes were “the missing piece of the puzzle” in Madrid’s urban mobility policy, according to Botella, who described the computerized registration system as “easy, intuitive and very easy to use.” 
So, it must be that Madrileños don't want the electric bikes?

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