Friday, June 13, 2014

Gone to the dogs

Even in Sweden incentives hominis economicus best friends;
In humans the ‘eureka moment’ is a commonly known feeling that occurs when we solve a particularly troubling problem.
But new research suggests that we’re not the only animals to experience this - dogs, too, gain pleasure from solving a tricky task.
In a series of experiments, scientists found dogs were happier when they earned a reward by performing a task, rather than just being handed a treat.
And they hated being forced to accept a high minimum wage;
The researchers found the experimental dogs were much more excited to actually get in the arena and solve the pieces of equipment.
On repeated runs they showed visible excitement, such as wagging their tails vigorously, at being led to the entrance to solve the problems again.
The control dogs, on the other hand, were more reluctant to go in and pick up their treat without having to solve any of the ‘puzzles’.
This, according to the researchers, shows that dogs enjoy problem-solving just like humans do.
We're guessing that Kshama is a cat person.

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