Monday, June 2, 2014

Senior horse shoes

The official shoes of the owners of California Chrome; Skechers;
Skechers branding will be featured on the colt’s handlers, fly sheet blanket and on the feet of all members of the team should Chrome win the Belmont stakes and complete the Triple Crown. 
In other words, if Chrome’s owners are standing in the winner’s circle on Saturday, they’ll be wearing Skechers shoes.
Skechers chief executive Robert Greenberg says the sponsorship is all about getting the company name in front of their target demographic: older Americans.
“Nike is religion for a lot of kids, so it’s a tough market to crack through,” Greenberg told Rovell. “We’re going after an older audience…We’re spending a couple bucks to roll the dice and if this horse wins it all, we’ll be a part of it.” 
The owners of the race horse are already operating on a shoe string--an $8,000 mare bred by a $2,500 stallion--now maybe they can quit their days jobs in a factory in Nevada.

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