Monday, June 16, 2014

Rail workers ate my homework!

Where else, but France;
Rail workers have gone on strike in France for a sixth day, affecting students taking final school exams.
Some 687,000 high school students were taking their Baccalaureate on Monday and train operator SNCF said it had deployed 10,000 staff to help them.
Special trains and buses were provided near exam centres, the company said.
Thus diverting resources that could be used to get French workers to their employment. But, after all, what's really important? Getting taxpayers to pick up the tab for monopolist unions, that's what;
The unions [CGT and Sud-Rail] say the government's plan to preserve the two companies [that run France's railways] as separate within a single holding structure does not go far enough. They are calling for a full merger and for the government to take on the two firms' combined debt of 40bn euros (£32bn; $54bn). 
C'est la vie.

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