Saturday, June 7, 2014

Posición del misionero

In Venezuela they believe in doing it over, and over, and over...until...they run out of other people's money?
“I’m going to declare June the month of the National System of Missions and Great Missions. The whole month is going to be dedicated to launching, re-launching and widening the spectrum of benefits for the Venezuelan people through the missions,” he said last week on his radio program Contact with Maduro.
The first missions were launched by former president Hugo Chavez in 2003 as programs funded by oil income and aimed at directly addressing the various social needs of the population. They sought to guarantee free medical attention, widen access to free education, and eliminate hunger and illiteracy.
Later programs have been added to the system, such as public housing construction, social welfare payments, employment and cultural programs, anti-crime strategies, and an animal welfare scheme. A total of thirty seven missions are currently in operation.
And the citizens have taken to the streets. Protesting because there is no food, nor other consumer goods on the shelves of the stores. Though there appears to be an abundance of Cuban security personnel throughout the country.

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