Saturday, June 14, 2014

Baghdad Barack sez

Al Qaeda has been decimated. There's just a little political dust-up going on there. No matter to us;
...after assessing that Baghdad’s fall to advancing forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is not imminent, the administration has opted for a short-term strategy that it sees as offering potential long-term gain.
The United States “is not simply going to involve itself in a military action in the absence of a political plan by the Iraqis that gives us some assurance that they’re prepared to work together,” Obama said Friday in a statement outside the White House.
Obama cautioned that whatever happens, it “is going to take several days. . . . People should not anticipate that this is something that is going to happen overnight.”
And anyway, it's George W. Bush's fault.

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  1. "This is not something that is going to happen overnight.”

    No matter how long it takes, he will be there monitoring the situation.

    If ISIS would declare themselves a union and contribute to the Dems, Team Obama would actually support them.