Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ya gotta have heart

All you really need is heart...and the permission of the NCAA, to live like a normal human being;
The NCAA says Boise State can immediately assist a homeless football recruit who signed to play with the team in February.
Antoine Turner said in an interview with KTVB-TV in Boise that he's recently been living in a motel, along with a car belonging to his girlfriend, as he finishes up classes at Fullerton College in California.
Boise State received clearance Wednesday from the NCAA to reach out to Turner and offer support.
After graduating from Fullerton, the defensive tackle is scheduled to take summer school classes at Boise State, where he will live in the dorm and have a meal plan.
Long time readers of HSIB may remember a scene from The Blind Side;
In that film, near the end, just when it seems everyone lives happily ever after, the NCAA sticks its (to them) much more than two cents worth into the matter.  An attractive, intelligent, well-spoken lawyer (from a privileged background?) calls Oher into her offices to grill him on his relationship with the Tuohy's.  Telling him that the NCAA is worried that his case will set a precedent.
As HSIB said at the time;
More rich white folks might decide to extend helping hands to beleaguered ghetto kids without parental support.  We can think of only one group who that would be bad for.  The self-appointed keepers of the flame of intercollegiate athletics, the NCAA. Whose well remunerated professionals currently get to decide who 'the student athletes' can associate with, and on what terms. 
The Tuohys, as most of the world knows by now, had rescued Michael Oher--#74 of the Baltimore Ravens, now--from homelessness, and suggested more rich people, like themselves, should think about helping the less fortunate. But, as the AP story linked to at the top of this post put it;
Since the story broke, Boise State fans have been quick to offer food and shelter for Turner, but that could jeopardize his playing status. 
The kids at Northwestern who want to form a union, don't know the half of it.

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