Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lovely, Rita

San Francisco might eventually put its meter maids out of work and bring in the monkeys;
An Italy-based startup is rolling out an app that offers San Franciscans the pleasure of being paid to leave.
MonkeyParking allows drivers departing prime street parking spots to auction off the city-owned real estate to other app users, who agree to pay anywhere from $5 to $20 for the ability to stop circling the block.
The app, first reported by Uptown Almanac, is an intuitive idea — though one that city officials aren’t sure is legal.
Put aside that, in a free society, the only concern for 'city officials' should be what is illegal, and ask, Is this useful?
Paolo Dobrowolny, chief executive and co-founder of MonkeyParking....said his company is just a facilitator between those looking for parking spots and those who need some incentive to leave a space.
“We’re just providing information when someone is leaving,” he said. “That is valuable information for everybody.” 
So, why doesn't the 'landlord' adopt the technology itself? Just buy the app from the Monkey Business.

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