Saturday, May 17, 2014

I.e.; Centro Castro

Where else but Venezuela;
On only 3.5 hectares (8 acres) of fertile land near San José de Barlovento in the state of Miranda, a two-hour drive from Caracas, this holistic farm integrates fruit trees, vegetables, medicinal plants, bee-keeping, fish ponds, egg-laying chickens, worm production and a commercial guava nursery. For five years Cuban agronomists dedicated numerous hours each week to this flourishing project. 
Flourishing is in the eye of the bankers directed by the state to do socialism, or else;
The Banco de Venezuela acknowledged this progressive project by awarding $23,000 to build a community store that will open next month. Both the national and local governments have recognized Centro Madre as an excellent model for small scale sustainable agriculture and food security.
Maybe it's the small scale agriculture imposed on Venezuela by the Bolivarian socialists that is the reason most Venezuelans can't find any food in their grocery stores. The opportunity cost of;
 Five hundred guava trees produce 20-30 tons of guavas each year. The variety, which is from Cuba, is especially resistant to flooding, which has happened three times in the last 14 years. 
May be that nothing productive is done to put a stop to the flooding.

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