Friday, May 16, 2014

Una madre que lleva una pistola

One of two women arrested over the killing of a conservative Spanish politician in the northern city of León on Monday has confessed to the crime.
Montserrat González told the police that she shot Isabel Carrasco, a powerful political figure in the province, out of spite.
Carrasco, 59, the leader of the Popular Party (PP) in León since 2004 and head of the local Provincial Council since 2007, had fired González’s daughter [Montserrat Triana Martínez] three years ago.
They won't be spending more time with their families. At least for awhile, unless they can claim victim status;
...Montserrat Triana apparently began fearing that her apartment in León would be repossessed, and she fell into a depression, according to some [Popular P]arty members. In any case, from 2011 onwards the local PP lost track of her.
Her departure coincided with the end of a court case over public examinations to fill auxiliary positions in the Council: it emerged that most of the 40 winning candidates were relatives of high-ranking officials, or members of the local PP. What’s more, these particular candidates had obtained extraordinarily high grades in the examination. But the judge ruled that there was no relevance to the fact that the winning candidates had personal and political ties to the PP.
Power corrupts, and lack of it does too.

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