Monday, May 19, 2014

It might as well be swing

Some Madrileños are In the Mood for it;
“Years ago, we used to go to a rock ‘n’ roll club, and we started doing the lindy hop. At first they didn’t like it, but after a while, more and more couples started getting into it, and eventually it took off: it made the place a lot livelier,” says Silvia Merino, who along with partner Juanjo Pacheco, is the driving force behind the Madrid swing scene.
Six years ago they decided to set up the Blanco y Negro Studio to teach the lindy hop and its many variants. Since then, more and more dance schools have either opened their doors, or joined in the craze, while numerous swing bands have also sprung up. Each year, they all come together for the Madrid Swing Festival, which celebrated its fifth edition in March.
No significa una cosa, si no se tiene ritmo.

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