Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Been over into the future, and it's not crowded

Vlad, the impaler of touristy things;
Moscow’s interference in Ukraine has caused a sharp drop in foreign tourism to Russia, with scores of travel cancelations for political and security reasons coming ahead of the summer holiday season, an industry newsletter said.
Most Russian tour operators have reported a significant drop in sales, with cancellations coming in from around the world....
Tour operators from Poland have canceled most of their reservations, and operators from Finland, a country that is traditionally viewed in Russia as a “loyal” tourist market, have also put through a number of “unexpected” cancellations, the report said.
While most Europeans cite their objections to Russia’s actions in Ukraine as reasons for canceling travel reservations, some are also concerned about security in Russia. A group from Albania has agreed to visit Russia only after it received guarantees that all losses and damages would be compensated in case of a war, the report said.
Americans are also “actively canceling” their travel reservations to Russia, the report said, blaming the cancellations by U.S. and Latin America travelers on Washington’s criticism of Russia’s actions in Ukraine.
Napoleon and Hitler didn't think of this strategy.

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