Monday, May 5, 2014


The people of Venezuela are protected from the wrong opinions;
The effects of Mario Vargas Llosa’s recent visit to Venezuela are still being felt in the country several days after his statements to a television station.
On Tuesday, Globovisión – which was acquired a year ago by investors with ties to the government – finally decided to air an interview with the Nobel Prize winner conducted by presenter Shirley Varnagy, who has her own evening program.
But management omitted the Peruvian writer’s reply to a question about former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez from the broadcast, in a move that the interviewer has described as censorship.
What Vargas Llosa said was;
Hugo Chávez experienced the Socialist utopia when it was already beginning to crack, and was only able to revive it through his personal charisma.
“Venezuelans have realized that sooner or later, this utopia is going to fail in the country, and this has created very intense tensions that President Maduro has inherited,” he said. 
Which would seem to be validated by the latest public opinion polling;

The dark line in the above is Maduro's unfavorability.

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