Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The pain in Spain

Falls mainly on the plain folk, and there's not much being done to alleviate it
OVER six million people in Spain are said to suffer from chronic pain and it typically takes up to 10 years before they are treated successfully by a specialist consultant, according to research.
....Spokeswoman for the Spanish Pain Society, Dr Concepción Pérez, said 12.7 per cent take over a decade to be referred to the right consultant – based upon findings published in the 2010 Phandora report - and that a great deal of them end up having to complain or keep pressing for medics to take action due to doctors lacking training in this area.
Vets spend more time during their career learning about pain control than human medical professionals, Dr Pérez reveals.

But the suffering is free!
If you are an expatriate or a visitor coming from another European Member state, you are generally free from hospital and medical care expenses. Having presented your European Health Card (EHC), you will be attended to by a general practitioner at your local centre. If you are not able to make it to your local health centre, the general practitioner will pay you a visit. If the situation requires you to see a specialist or be admitted to a hospital, the general practitioner will give you a referral or a medical certificate.  
Which you can use if you hang around for ten years or so.

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  1. Nurse practitioners could have delivered this inadequate care at much less cost.

    This doesn't change the mortality statistics, so why worry?

    Alcohol consumption is undoubtedly increased, at a social benefit of taxes to Spanish government and the greater good. There is a good side to everything.