Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Still no free lunch

Obamacare didn't repeal the Laws of Supply and Demand, reports Kelli Kennedy of AP;
 Some consumers who bought insurance under President Barack Obama's health care law have buyer's remorse after realizing that their longtime doctors aren't accepting the new plans.
Before the law took effect, experts warned that narrow networks could impact patients' access to care, especially in cheaper plans. But with insurance cards now in hand, consumers are finding their access limited across all price ranges — sometimes even after they were told their plan would include their current doctor.
Whaddya think, this is Nordstrom? Nor are the even the good things in life free;
Health counselor Nathalie Milias, who helped enroll nearly 300 Miami-area residents in ACA plans, says most of them chose a plan with $0 monthly premiums and deductibles — but with much more limited choices. She says tax credits could have allowed them more robust plans if they were willing to spend more, but many are working poor who didn't want to pay another bill.
....Many consumers are still learning. They hear "Obamacare" and think it's free like Medicaid orMedicare, said John Foley, an attorney and navigator.
"They don't expect to pay anything," said Foley.
Gee, who do you suppose gave them that idea?

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