Friday, May 9, 2014

Shows a little Initiative goes a long way

The people of the state of Washington voted to legalize marijuana, and created a lottery;
Dave Comeau of Bremerton had to call someone after he got an email last week that let him know he won the opportunity to pursue one of two retail marijuana licenses assigned to the city of Bremerton.
"I wasn't sure how to read it," Comeau said.
When the person told him he should start celebrating because he won, he did.
We have to ask, What was he smoking? Eventually it dawned on him what he had;
"We just came to the realization that somebody else could do a way better job than we could do, that had more financing, more connections," Comeau said.
So he sold his business to Pete O'Neil, the managing partner of C&C Cannabis Shops, one of many entrepreneurs working the phones in an effort to find sellers like Comeau who want to part with their valuable lottery selection.
....Comeau is happy with his deal. He sold his business with its chance for the licensee for $150,000 and 10 percent of the net revenue, or a minimum of $10,000 a month in perpetuity. Not bad considering he spent only $250 to apply for the license. 
Pot luck.

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