Thursday, May 22, 2014

Juste variété de jardin

Borrrring économiste, is homeboy Thomas Piketty, says Pascal-Emmanuel;
It is an amusing reminder of the differences between France and the U.S. that, while Mr. Piketty's views put him well to the left on the American political spectrum, in France, he has sometimes sounded like a conservative. He opposed the last Socialist government's signature policy, the globally infamous 35-hour workweek, and he called for cutting payroll taxes. At bottom, Mr. Piketty remains that most familiar of characters in the policy debate: a neoliberal economist who sees many virtues in market forces but favors government redistribution to smooth out some of the market's excesses.
In Parisian circles, it is said that Mr. Piketty is contemptuous of François Hollande, France's Socialist president, and views him as a shallow opportunist. Some whisper that the enmity is also due to the reportedly tense relationship between Mr. Hollande and his culture minister, Aurélie Filippetti, who was once Mr. Piketty's partner. In the Byzantine world of France's Socialist Party, intrigue and sex almost always seem to go together.
Like supply and demand?

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