Thursday, May 22, 2014

No more socialists need apply

They've already worn out their welcome with left-wing newspaper columnist Joel Connelly;
Council member Kshama Sawant can deliver all the denunciations of capitalism she wants, but Seattle needs to face an ideologically inconvenient truth: Growth in business, including big employers, generates the dollars that enable the city to have an activist, free-spending and interventionist government.
....Alas, city politics has come to occupy an extremely narrow box, with criticism brought down upon anyone who dares venture outside it.
But orthodoxy, even progressive orthodoxy, needs challenges. The city would be better if its latest social program faces informed, critical scrutiny on the council. Heck, we could even take a radical step further and welcome a conservative author to Town Hall.
So, here is hoping Seattle gets a crop of council challengers in 2015, not simply ideologues of the Socialist Alternative movement.
Maybe the Seattle PI should take Connelly's criticism to heart and invite a few conservatives to write columns for them.

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