Thursday, May 29, 2014

Essence of Eurocracy

Brussels allergic to sex goddesses;
El perfume sin el que Marilyn Monroe no podía dormir -decía que siempre se echaba dos gotas- y 'Miss Dior', dos de los perfumes más populares del mundo, contienen contienen componentes que podrían ser prohibidos bajo las nuevas reglas europeas....
We make that out to say that Chanel Number 5, without which Marilyn Monroe claimed she could not sleep (two drops always), and Miss Dior, two of the most popular perfumes in the world are in danger of being ordered to reformulate by the latest in European regulation. That's because of something called; the European Union 's Scientific Advisory Committee on Consumer Safety issues (SCCS).

SCCS is out to protect the 3% of Europeans who are allergic to substances like citral--found in lemons and oranges--which make up part of the formula for perfumes.

"If we ban citral in perfumes , of which some elements are allergens, we must ban orange juice . It's absurd. Should not ban nature , just learn to live with it " , said Frederic Malle, founder of the company Parfums Frédéric Malle .
Well, he would say that, Non?

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