Friday, May 2, 2014

Division of Labor

A peaceful May Day turned into a long, violent evening, with some among hundreds of "anti-capitalist" protesters clashing with police, banging on cars, setting fires and smashing a bus window as they marched through Capitol Hill and downtown Seattle.
Seattle police made nine arrests. One suspect allegedly threw a brick at officers.
Police confiscated a gun from another suspect. Among other things hurled at police: Firecrackers, a beer can and spit.

Unless you're a manager of the movement, like City Councilman Kshama Sawant;
After her speech, the city’s newest council member spent 20 minutes greeting Seattleites and giving interviews. And then, as unobtrusively as she had marched, Sawant slipped away.
Her destination...was the anniversary party for Seattle housing advocacy group SAFE, taking place at China Harbor restaurant—well away from downtown and the second march of the day, the anti-capitalist march expected to depart from Capitol Hill shortly after the end of the afternoon march from Judkins.
The move was purposeful, [Sawant's PR flack Josh] Koritz confirmed, as a way to avoid involvement in tactics that wouldn’t work.
“Violent actions with the police is not what we’re about,” he said. “We’re about building a movement that can win.”
There's generals, and there's soldiers.

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