Friday, March 21, 2014

¡Woe, [Air] Canadá!

The least flamboyant country of the Western World, shall not be first, in the hearts of Venezuelans, if Nicolas Maduro has any say in the matter;
The Venezuelan government has declared it will sever all commercial ties with Air Canada, after the airline suspended operations in the country earlier this week.
Describing Air Canada's decision as “unilateral”, Venezuela's air and sea transport minister Hebert Garcia accused the airline of flouting international standards on Tuesday.
“That relationship with Air Canada is over until the president decides otherwise,” Garcia stated.
....Last week, President Nicolas Maduro warned he would take “severe measures” against airlines that reduce services.
Capitalists, it's your revolutionary duty to put your employees at risk! That, and wait patiently for payment for your service; 
Air Canada isn't the only international company to curb operations in Venezuela.
Airlines including Lufthansa, Iberia, Air Europe, Air France, American Airlines and others have reduced flights this year. According to a recent report from daily newspaper Ultimas Noticias, 11 of 26 airlines in Venezuela have at least reduced services, with some using smaller planes.
However, most airlines have cited difficulty exchanging currency through official channels as the main reason for the cutbacks. Under Venezuela's currency control regime, foreign currency can only legally be exchanged for the bolivar through a governmental institution. However, both Venezuelan and international companies have long criticised the system, complaining of transaction delays.
Aéreo línea non grata. 

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