Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gone wobbly on Chile

Michelle Bachelet is off to something less than a bang up start;
The new administration of President Michelle Bachelet was hit by a fresh wave of forced resignations Tuesday as Interior Minister Rodrigo Peñailillo requested four provincial governors to stand down for a variety of past controversies just a week after they were appointed.
Accusations of irregular financial statements, unfulfilled promises and misappropriation of funds prompted the resignations....
All four of the appointed provincial governors stood down after scandals resurfaced relating to positions held over the last few years. But perhaps none was as damning as that involving [Claudia] Placencio, a member of the Party for Democracy (PPD), sociologist and former employee of the Civil Registry.
A report published by La Tercera on Saturday found that, upon assuming her position as governor last week, Placencio was listed in the lowest income bracket in the country — entitling her to a number of social welfare benefits. In fact, the governor’s social welfare listing was so low that she was officially classified in the bottom 1 percent of incomes, which placed her among people who were not only homeless, but illiterate and seriously disabled as well. 
This seems to be code--The Santiago Times is a left-wing newspaper--for welfare fraud.

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